• Durable fenders absorb impact and protect boats from damage while tied up.
  • Make the dock useful in much more inclement weather.
  • Easier to install and last longer than other types.
  • Only 6 secure fasteners needed (as opposed to up to 50 on some other existing types.
  • Fenders, especially, the grey, do not discolor, where most others wear much more quickly.

These Piling Fenders are extruded as a continuous sheet of foam with a thick walled, closed-cell structure. Available in 4 Colors.

Foam density, cell structure, and sheet thickness can also be varied as required within certain physical limits. Different sheet widths are achieved by varying extruder heads. Softlite ionomer has the unique ability to bond ionically to neighboring molecular chains with the same bond as the polymer chain itself.

This means that multiple-layer sheets and, more often valuably, rolls and cylinders can be constructed in a wide variety of characteristics with exceptional integrity in an almost infinite variety of shapes and configurations, again within certain physical limits.

After lamination or roll-up into either sheets or cylinders, any Softlite foam construction can be shaped to desired exterior contours by heat-cutting. Complex shapes can be achieved by butt-welding two separately formed pieces together, again achieving ionically welded integrity.

Exterior surfaces can be densified by heat and pressure to form an extremely strong, abrasion-resistant, integral, outer skin. Softlite ionomer products offer superior strength and unsurpassed structural integrity.

The manufacturing process allows exceptional design flexibility for large or complex objects. One-off or limited production runs are not burdened by the costs of molds.

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