Elastic Conservation Moorings are an affordable solution to mooring maintenance and reliability. They also protect the marine environment by eliminating chain slashing of eel grass and shellfish. 

We, as boat owners, have a responsibility to our marine environment even if the sea bed isn't clearly visible.  In areas such as the Caribbean, where clear waters make chain-related seabed slashing most visible, conversion to elastic moorings began over thirty years ago.

The most practical time to convert is in the spring during buoy installation, or just before your chain mooring is due for inspection. Our diver will install your new elastic mooring tackle, using your existing mooring block or mushroom anchor.  

The elastic mooring system we’ll install is similar to those in Vineyard Haven Harbor, in use for over 15 years and still in excellent condition.  They require very reduced maintenance - just a little cleaning and a regular dive inspection by our qualified staff. This system includes a year-round spar buoy, thus eliminating the need for costly winter sticking. Even without eelgrass, elastic makes a better mooring.

Tisbury Selectmen have voted to convert all chain moorings to elastic in Lake Tashmoo. 

Take a look at website http://www.jwilburmarine.com/elastic-moorings for details.

Call Jay Wilbur at 774-521-7211 with any questions.

To maintain strict quality control requirements, your order will be shipped directly to J Wilbur Marine, where it will be prepared specifically for installation at your mooring location. You will receive email confirmation when your elastic mooring assembly has been scheduled for installation.